The Fascinator

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The invitation read, Effie’s Tea Party, In honor of the women that have made a profound impact in my life. I hadn’t known Effie for very long and was honored to be invited. All the tea party details were there and the very last line read: Dress code: Fascinators and Fancy Hats! I had recently […]


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In lieu of Valentines Day I began thinking about all the ‘loves’ in my life. My high school sweetheart and husband of 37 years is obviously near the top of the list. My children, grandchildren, parents, friends and family all rank close to the top too. However, there’s only ‘ONE’, who made the greatest sacrifice […]

Embracing Seasons of Change

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Many of you reading this right now are in a season of change. If you’re not in one now, you likely will be before too long. As the seasons of the year change; spring, summer, fall, and winter so do the seasons of our lives. Many changes are embraced and welcomed, such as a marriage, […]

There She Sat!

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Recently I rushed into the church service with a few minutes to spare. Truthfully if I was able to secure ‘the seat’ I wanted I really needed to get on into the auditorium quickly and get seated. I was greeted kindly as I entered and had my eye on a seat close to the front, […]

God Bless America and God Bless His WORD!

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Have you ever gotten a little ‘comfortable’ in your Bible reading time? I know I have. ‘Comfortable’ will look different to each of us as we are all individual and at different places in our walk with God. This blog is to challenge You and Me to get ‘Outside our Comfort Zone’ as it relates […]

“Indie” or Self Publishing

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“Indie” is defined as an independent or privately owned business or self-employed. In the writing realm ‘Indie Publishing’ is at an all time high. I’ve listed some 2014 statistics below w/link to see the full article. Self-published books now represent 31% of e-book sales on Amazon’s Kindle Store. Indie authors are earning nearly 40% of the e-book dollars going […]

Leadership in the ‘UnComfortable Zone’

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‘Leadership’ seems to be the new ‘word’ if you will. Everywhere you turn there are books, articles, and strategies on how to be a good leader. In my past employment, when the leaders all came together, the question usually came up in our on-going training; “What is a good leader”. Sorry to disappoint, but I […]

Friends in ‘The Comfort Zone’

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Thirty-Eight (38) years ago I had hit a pretty low place in my life. Sadly enough I was only 17 years old, yet lonely, and empty inside. Like many others at age 17 I wanted to be accepted and popular and the crowd I was hanging with drank a lot (and I don’t mean diet […]

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

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Have you ever ‘Stepped Outside your Comfort Zone’? I did exactly that about six months ago when I resigned from a great paying job to follow potentially full time ministry. That comfort zone had truthfully been pretty uncomfortable for some time, and that all started on a day when we were celebrating an accomplished milestone. […]